Laying The Foundation

What is is about Alaskan Malamutes that makes them irresistible? What is it that attracted you? If you are anything like me, it was love at first sight. My bedroom walls had been covered in images of wolves longer than I could remember, however the love affair for Malamutes evolved in 1997 when I walked by a pet store and saw this amazing breed. Fortunately I was steered in the right direction to registered breeders rather than the pet store but the fire in my belly for these dogs definitely started that day.

Alaskan Malamute running
Owning a breed like an Alaskan Malamute opens up a new lifestyle with activities on offer like sledding, weight-pull, showing and hiking. There is nothing like the feeling of having your dog pull you on a scooter through the forest at 5 o'clock in the morning. Unless you have experienced the feeling, the sounds and the atmosphere, it is hard to explain to other people. I tried it all. In Australia, there are clubs that hold specific events for Malamutes and Huskies like the Alaskan Malamute Club of Queensland, or Victoria. There is even a club in Tasmania that is attracting enthusiastic owners and their dogs to run and pull. There is nothing like it. 


Showing was also an education that helps an owner understand their breed. Dogs are judged on a standard that has been set by the American Kennel Club many years prior. Understanding that you own a breed with history, a breed with features that are naturally evolved - the shape of their feet, the thickness of their ears, the type of their coat, the colour of their eyes - features that serve a purpose in their natural arctic environment. We don't own a man-made dog breed, we own a breed that has remained virtually unchanged since the evolution from a wolf.
 Alaskan Malamute Show

In 2010 after losing my soul-mate, Alaskan Malamute, Harley, I began the Facebook page Alaskan Malamutes of the World Unite. My passion has always been helping other Malamute and Husky owners learn about their dogs. We all have been in a place where we felt like there was no end to the hard times learning to live with these dogs, and to know that other owners have gone through the same situation is reassuring. Diet is another area where many owners ask questions and find their feet in feeding a large breed dog with a healthy appetite. 

AMOTWU has now evolved into a page with almost 16,000 members who contribute photographs and stories about their Malamutes - and other family members including huskies, cats, birds and more. As a monthly event we hold a competition for the new profile and cover photos which often attracts in excess of 300 posts - it's mind boggling on the day of sorting which images have the most amount of likes to determine the winners. 


Alaskan Malamute  
As a page we promote rescue dogs more than we promote actual breeders. We can give advice on associations who list registered breeders however I've never felt it was the place to endorse specific breeders. Our association with groups like Alaskan Malamute Rehoming Aid and Siberian Husky & Alaskan Malamute Rescue Queensland makes me well aware of the significant number of arctic breeds just waiting for their forever homes.

This blog post is designed to give readers an insight to the love and passion I have for Malamutes, and the extensive history I have had with the breed. I read one day that "Malamutes are a lifestyle not a dog" and it stuck with me. I'm fortunate enough to take my dogs to work on a daily basis, so they live out their retirement days being in our company. Days of hiking or sledding are long gone but the joy of owning an independent, and often challenging breed still runs deep in my veins. 

Creator of Malamute Mania